Help2let offers a number of grants to landlords. These are more substantial if you have a property to lease in Harrow.
Note: In return for receiving one of the grants below, you will be letting your property through Help2let.
Help2Let grants:-
Empty property grant – available for properties in Harrow only
Up to £15,000
5 years
Repair to Lease grant
Up to £5,000
3 years
Better Home grant
Up to £3,000
2 years
Buy2Lease grant
Up to £8,000
5 years
All grants are subject to available funding and we cannot guarantee any grant until you receive a formal approval notice. 
• Damaged roof
• Rotten windows or doors
• Broken hot water/boiler system
• Faulty wiring
• Defective kitchen or bathroom
Category 1 hazard such as trip hazards or excess cold 

• There are approximately 700 homes lying empty in harrow. This represents a major loss in housing resources. Estimates suggests it costs over £5,000 a year on average to keep a home empty, excluding  the cost of vandalism.

• There are various benefits of bringing an empty home back into use, these include:

• Improve the environment
• Receive rental income
• Reduce your costs
• Avoid enforcement action
• Individuals' benefit by having greater housing choice  
• There are various schemes available to owners of empty properties to bring them back into residential use.
• We are offering owners grant assistance towards the cost of refurbishing or converting empty properties as an incentive to bring these properties back into residential use.

• In return the Council gets nomination rights for a fixed period to use the accommodation to house people in need.

• Available for properties that fail the decent homes standards.  
• The condition attached is a minimum two year let to a tenant referred from Harrow Council's Housing Department.
• The types of work that can be funded include:

• Thermal comfort
• Central heating
• General repairs
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Major health & safety hazards

• Available for properties that are in disrepair.  
• The condition attached is a minimum 3 years to a tenant referred from Harrow Council's Housing Department. 
• All grants are subject to available funding.
• Available for properties that have been empty for 12 months and are in a state of disrepair.
• The condition attached is a minimum five year let to a tenant referred from Harrow Council's Housing Department. 
• This grant option is ideal for empty properties that require extensive work. 
• Better Homes Grant Leaflet

• Empty Property Grant Leaflet
• Buy2lease Leaflet
• Empty Homes Agency Website

For advice and assistance on how to apply for these grants contact:
 020 8424 1953