Tenant Quiz - How much do you know?
Tuesday 09th October 2012 - 3:51pm

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has recognised that many unnecessary issues that arise between those renting and letting properties were caused by misunderstandings that could be avoided by having access to better information on rights and responsibilities for both tenants and landlords. 

Earlier this month, he published three straightforward and easy to understand fact sheets providing handy tips and advice regarding different aspects of letting and renting a property.
Do's and Don'ts fact sheet for landlords - giving advice on securing a suitable letting agent, the need for written agreements and inventory's and protecting tenant's deposits.
Do's and Don'ts face sheet for tenants - giving top tips on the legal requirements of renting, how to deal with disputes and what to expect from your landlord. 
Gaining possession fact sheet - to help landlords decide which route to follow when they need to take back their property, how much notice they must give the tenant and guidance on the procedures which can be used to help speed up the process.

Mr Shapps said:

“Tenants have a right to expect good quality safe accommodation when they rent a property, and equally landlords are right to expect that the property is looked after, that problems are reported to them quickly and that rent is paid on time. These fact sheets are the starting point for these looking to rent or let a property, or for those landlords and tenants looking to resolve any misunderstandings that may arise. I would encourage all those in the private rented sector to read through them carefully and understand their own rights and responsibilities."

Although the Help2Let team runs free Information Sessions for tenants who have been referred to the scheme and regular Landlord Accreditation Sessions, the fact sheets are a move in the right direction, acknowledging the lack of awareness within the private rented sector.

How well do YOU know your rights and responsibilities?