Current Harrow Local Housing Allowance Rates
Monday 27th January 2020 - 12:35pm
1580128513_300px_Harrow_London_UK_labelled_ward_map_2002_svg_edited.png The current Local Housing Allowance Rates for Harrow have been copied below.

These rates are correct until April 2020, when the current 4 year freeze on rates is due to end.

North West London BRMA (Broad Rental Market Area)

Shared Accommodation Rate:£92.72 per week

One Bedroom Rate:£203.03 per week

Two Bedrooms Rate:£257.09 per week

Three Bedrooms Rate:£321.45 per week

Four Bedrooms Rate:£385.63 per week

You can find the correct Local Housing Allowance Rates for any property by following the link below;

Click Here to see LHA Rates