Due to the low supply of properties becoming available in Harrow, Help2Let is actively seeking properties outside London.    


Help2Let helps Harrow residents referred by the Housing Advice team to find suitable, affordable privately rented housing by:


1. Working with landlords and letting agents to help you secure a privately rented home. You can look for a property anywhere in the UK


2. We offer some financial assistance to help you find your own private rented accommodation


3. If you are not a resident of Harrow and need housing advice, please contact your local council 


4. The leaflet 'Worried about becoming homeless' explains your housing options in Harrow



We have monthly Tenant Information Sessions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where we will answer all your questions about renting in the private sector, which will help you find your own accommodation.


It is an opportunity to meet members of the Help2let team. 


The session will give you confidence in both searching for and renting a home in the private sector - at the end of the session you will receive an Attendance Certificate.


Landlords prefer to rent their properties to tenants who have attended the Information Session.


To find out the date for the next Information Session- View Course Dates




1. You must be referred by a Harrow Council Housing Advisor to Help2let


The Harrow Housing Advice Service only works by appointment; drop in appointments are for emergencies only. Please call 020 8424 1093 or email housingadvice@harrow.gov.uk


2. You will be expected to find your own accomodation. As long as the rent and property size is appropriate for your family needs, you can look for a property anywhere in the UK through the internet, estate agents and local newspapers.


3. Once you have found a property and the owner or agent has agreed to accept you as a tenant, email landlords@help2let.co.uk , when a member of the Help2Let team will assist you to secure the property.


You must NOT sign the tenancy agreement before speaking to the Help2Let Team.


4. We will contact the owner/letting agent to explain how we can work with them and negotiate to secure the property on your behalf. 


 You must be certain that you can afford the rent. 


To help you check if your are receiving all of the benefits that you are entitled to Click Here


You will need to:


Check that the rent is within or near to Local Housing Allowance (LHA) for the area where the property is located.   




You can sign an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, for a minimum of 6 months, once the following has been confirmed: 


-      You can afford the rent
-      The owner/agent has confirmed that you can be the tenant
-      The owner/agent has agreed to accept the Help2Let terms.
NOTE: Once you have signed the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, bring the signed document into the Harrow Civic Centre, Help2let team, as soon as possible. 


You will need to claim Housing Benefit from the Council where your property is located.